Friday, 4 April 2014

Is Gala Still The Best Sausage In Nigeria?

The traffic situation in Nigeria has made it mandatory for some of us that don't eat road side food to start doing so especially if you are coming back from work , your place of business etc.
The hawkers of roadside or rather traffic food vendors have four fast food types you can buy from them , Gala ,chopsy, Bigi, Rite and Meaty.

Gala sausage roll, the first beef roll, has been in existence since 1962. It is the leader in beef roll market and has become a generic name. The basic ingredient Gala beef roll is generally a sheet of puff pastry shield into two and wrapped into tubes around a filling based on beef meat. It is eaten at any time of the day as a snack or meal.

It is a hunger stopper that can be taken in- between meals and is a highly nutritious and satisfying snack made from pure beef fillings and is rich in taste.
But my question is, Is Gala still the best sausage in Nigeria?

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  1. gala is no longer leading, rite is the leading sausage in Nigeria, if you've had gala recently you ild notice it no longer has the real beef it used to have. i personally used to be a huge fan of gala until recently