Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Product Review:Close-Up ToothPaste

Unilever Oral Care, the science behind Closeup, is proud to introduce the newest breakthrough in teeth whitening -Closeup White Now! Every purchase receive free gift+ free shipping+ tracking no from Customer-Satisfaction-Motto. How long does the instant whitening effect last? The whitening effect lasts up to a few hours after brush. 

This would greatly depend on the activities after the instance of brushing (i.e. drinking coffee or tea that stains teeth). On top of the instant whitening effect, White now also has progressive action that whitens teeth over time, with continuous use. Closeup White Now is the result of Closeup's research and advances in color science technology, which have been clinically proven and published in the Journal of Dentistry. 

The technology behind Closeup White Now is called "Blue Foam" that creates an instant optical effect on teeth that will result into visibly whiter and brighter teeth after just one brushing. The Blue Foam Technology covers the teeth with a thin film that masks and counteracts teeth yellowness - giving a safe optical whitening effect with each brushing.

 This revolutionary new toothpaste has become widely successful in other countries. Closeup White Now, launched under Mentadent, even won the Product of the Year Award for 2009 in the prestigious Grand Prix Marketing Innovation Awards in Italy where 8,000 consumers voted based on attractiveness, effectiveness of technology and value.

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