Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Mama Na Boy MTN Advert

Do you still remember that MTN advert that most people criticized because it ended with someone making a phone call to inform the mother in law that her daughter in law has just given birth to a male child ‘Mama Na Boy’ , I still find that advert real entertaining and show how we Nigerians love the male child.

Firtstly, that statement 'mama na boy' suggests that they had been waiting for the birth to confirm what sex the child is and giving the news in that manner indicates that, they were all hoping for a boy.Then the drama that followed just confirms it. Secondly, the fact that it's even his mother or mother- in- law he is talking to(a woman)and her reaction to the news gives us the impression that she actually prefers a male child .One would expect that being a woman she should be excited to embrace her "fellow" female equally. Am sure if u look closely, there were women among those celebrating. 

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