Friday, 4 April 2014

Royco, Maggi, Doyin Cube in Turf Battle

The subtle war in the seasoning market took a new turn recently when Unilever Nigeria introduced two new additions to the Royco family –the new Royco Seasoning Powder for stews, and another for soups.  At the launch in Abuja, the company indicated that it was being introduced to give Nigerians women better aroma and taste from their everyday cooking. Two things made the launch strategic: the Abuja venue and the N5 price tag placed on the product. By holding the unveiling ceremony in the nation’s capital, it was believed in some quarters that the handlers were sending signal to whoever cared to listen that they meant to take over the entire market and changed the perception that Royco was only popular in the North. 
In recent times, there had been a serious battle among the major players in the seasoning market; especially between Nestlé Nigeria Plc, manufacturers of the popular Maggi brand, and Unilever. Though Daily Need Nigeria Limited and Doyin Group of Companies, manufacturers of Suppy and Doyin cube respectively, are also making impact, the global influence of the two giant players hinders their spread and popularity. For this reason, it is believed that Suppy and Doyin appeal only to the people at the lowest ebb of the market. 

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